How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Barbecue Weekend

Summer is drawing near and we all know that weekend barbecues are just what we need after those long winter days. Planning cookouts on a budget might be challenging, but with these simple suggestions, you can fire up the grill without burning a hole in your wallet.
Whether you’re hosting a neighborhood cookout or just a small family meal, it is always a good idea to follow these guides to have a successful budget-friendly barbecue soiree.

Have a supply of frozen foods ready. If you go to the grocery store every now and then, it is a good idea to keep track of store sales and specials on frozen items. Chicken and hamburger meat are the usual barbecue items so you may want to stock up on those for your cookouts. Buying them ahead of time at reasonable costs can save you money as compared to buying frozen food only when you need them.

Plan a potluck barbecue. Hosting a weekend barbecue can be costly especially if you have to provide all the dishes for the guests. Why not arrange a potluck party instead? Many guests will be happy to bring their own dish to a barbecue, which can help you cut costs and save you the time and effort in preparing the food. All you need to do is to organize the menu, suggest specific dishes, and keep your friends updated on what dish a person would bring, to avoid attendees from bringing the same food.

Stock up on charcoal early. The start of the summer months and around the Fourth of July holidays are the best times to look out for charcoal sales from big-box retailers. Remember to store charcoal cubes in a cool, dry place before the event and leftover charcoals can be used next time if properly stored.

Try new barbecue recipes. Instead of cooking traditional barbecue food like chicken, beef patties, ribs, hotdogs, and sausages, why not try new recipes? Meat and vegetable kebabs, grilled fish, or even black bean burgers are some of the dishes you may want to try if you’re tight on budget. Ask your guests if they have any dietary restrictions so you can arrange vegan or alternative food options.

Hosting a weekend or holiday barbecue is not as costly as you think, if you follow these tips or create your own techniques. A budget-friendly barbecue party will not look cheap as long as you plan it carefully and ahead of time.